Sunday, July 24, 2016

Eliminate Pain and Prevent Injury

If you don't have pain, you will. Up till a few months ago I did not have a personal experience with the damage that a static position could have on my body. Now attention to body mechanics maintenance has become foremost in my exercise regime to relieve pain in my lower back.

Seated for most of the day designing and implementing corporate wellness programs I shortened my hip flexor muscles, my gluteal muscles stopped firing, and my lower back unwillingly took on more responsibility for my locomotion.

The solution for me, and I suspect for most dealing with muscular or postural pain, is the application of soft tissue release techniques. As frequency and consistency are vital to recovery and rejuvenation of the grieving tissues, the techniques are best learned and self-applied.

In the coming months, I intent to have available for my students and class participants various myofascial release videos that demonstrate simple, safe, and effective techniques which can be done at home with a tennis ball, golf ball, or baseball. I will include modifications for those individuals that find getting down and up off the floor problematic.

Soft tissue release and myofascial release techniques help us deal with imbalances caused by our body mechanics, our sports inclination, repetitive movements, old injuries, no movement, our weekend warrior syndrome, or even our emotional stress.

Check in with yourself, feeling any pain? Please Google self-myofascial release techniques and learn more about how to apply self-care.

Happy rolling to you,


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