Sunday, October 1, 2017

Healthy Choices on the Run.

Healthy Choices on the Run
In a perfect world we would sleep eight hours a day, eat three balanced meals, exercise daily and have no stress. However, most of use tolerate circumstances less than ideal, and spend little time on self- care. A bit of planning, and a well-stocked kitchen can make choices nutritious, tasty, and fast.

Protein shake = banana, juice, skim milk or yogurt, and protein powder
Whole-wheat pancake mix
English muffin, whole wheat, with soft boiled, or stirred microwaved egg
All natural applesauce or all fruit spreads
Fiber One cold cereal, hot rolled oats Low-fat yogurt or cottage cheese
Skim milk, Grape Nuts, or Shredded Wheat
Breakfast bars with fresh fruit
Natural almond butter

Lunch at home
Microwavable pre-washed fresh veggies
Classico Sun Dried Tomato Sauce: to top fish, chicken or baked potato
Baked potato or yam - microwave for 8 to 10 minutes, top with salsa or yogurt
Low sodium turkey breast deli slices – Trader Joe's, Vons, Whole Foods
Steamed or broth sautéed veggies, fresh or frozen
Pritikin soup
Pre-washed lettuce with low-fat dressing
Condiments - mustard, capers, picked peppers, low sodium veggie juice
Broth - mushroom or vegetable for sautéing
Nuke a Portobello with nonfat cottage cheese and salsa
Three-bean salad - rinse canned garbanzo, kidney and green beans - add low-fat dressing
Veggie burger with whole wheat bread or bagel
Frozen organic entrees or pocket sandwiches - Amy's at Whole Foods, Ralph's

TIP - Dip or spread - blend together two boxes of Lite Mori Nu tofu (Whole Foods) with one jar of Trader Joe's roasted peppers

Lunch on the road
Jamba Juice - 400 to 450 calories only, check nutritional labels for calorie count
Subway - turkey breast on whole wheat (6 inch)
Replacement meal protein bar, (ex. Pure Protein) and an apple, orange or banana
Quizno's Honey Bourbon Chicken Sandwich (small) or Sierra Smoked turkey breast (small)
Koo Koo Roo - 4oz of turkey white or dark with squash, green beans or steamed veggies, also
1/2 turkey breast sandwich with light mayo, baked yams or corn

TIP - Keep a small cooler in your car with fruit, yogurt, home prepared sandwich and beverage

Lunch at the office
Weight Watchers microwavable entree
Low-fat cottage cheese with pineapple
Prepared chicken or turkey breast, mustard, tomato and lettuce sandwich from home, with fruit
Low-fat Greek yogurt container and an apple
Swanson's canned chicken with whole-wheat crackers, or bread and fresh bell pepper
Canned water packed all white tuna with pickle and whole wheat bread
Microwave a baking potato or a yam for 8 to 10 minutes, top with salsa or yogurt
Microwave Amy's pocket sandwich for 2 minutes, top with yogurt or cottage cheese to cool

Dinner - take out
Thai Restaurant
Thai style chicken is served with
lots of veggies; summer rolls are
made with rice paper filled with
steamed veggies, shrimp or fish
Try wonton soup, chicken, shrimp or beef with broccoli, (sauce on the side), & brown rice Indian
Tandoori anything; vegetable curry; dal - lentil puree American
Try a whole wheat thin crust pizza with piles of veggies, hold the olives, at Ca. Pizza Kitchen Mexican
Chicken, shrimp or beef fajitas with onions, peppers and salsa, ask for corn or whole wheat tortilla

Dinner at home
Pre-washed lettuce and low-fat dressing; microwave or grill fish or chicken breast with Mrs. Dash seasoning; nuke a bag of Trader Joe's veggies; frozen grapes
Weight Watchers, Healthy Choice, Amy's Organic, or Lean Cuisine entrees, add a green salad, with vinegar, olive oil and mustard; fresh fruit

Snacks between meals or mid day
Edamame - measure out 1/2 cup cooked soybeans into a baggie and take with you
Clif Bar - apricot or apple- cranberry with an apple or peeled and sectioned orange, bagged; or a banana, cherries, or grapes

Evening snack

American's Best popcorn 94% fat free, butter flavor