Sunday, May 12, 2013

Being Happier.

As I wait for my sister to arrive for our mom's day celebration, and review for my presentation tomorrow on weight management, I recall the poignant TED talk pointers from Jane McGonigal and Dean Ornish. Dean says that loneliness and depression lead to overeating, and Jane says, the key to a happy resilient life is a focus on happy feelings, connections, movement, and commitment. Tal Ben Shahar and Martin Seligman might throw in "gratitude rituals" as also important.

The bottom line is that at the end of this journey called life, if we have been physically active, emotionally pleased, mentally engaged, and socially connected, we will live longer and have less regrets. So, move every half hour, think of three pleasing experiences for every unpleasant one, grow your mental focus by committing to new tasks, and dance closely with friends. Even if this does not extent our life at least we'll have a fun journey, in that we can be grateful.