Thursday, March 1, 2012

How to be a better friend?

Step 1
You have to like yourself in order to be able to give fully to others. When we are
comfortable with who we are, and really enjoy who we are, we are more attractive to
others. We are not needy and do not drain others but fill them. When we live our lives
“in integrity” we are secure with ourselves and can offer more to others because we
are not always focused on ourselves.
Step 2
Be choosy. Friendship maintenance takes time and energy. Identify those friends
with whom you wish to create a closer bond. If something takes time and energy you
are going to want to make sure it has quality. Not everyone around you will make
your A list.
Step 3
Now make time for those special people you have chosen. Respect the relationship
and schedule time for one another.
Step 4
If you want to improve the friendship make the first gesture. Invite them to join you
for lunch, dinner, or a special occasion.
Step 5
Treat your friends, as you would like to be treated. If you disrespect your friends they
will disrespect you. They will act towards you as you have acted towards them.
Step 6
Listen fully to what your friends are sharing. Slow down, turn off your internal
chatter and be in the moment. Focus on the speaker. Minimize distractions. Be
interested. Give eye contact. Avoid advice unless it is a request.
Step 7
Honor the relationship with no gossiping or criticizing.