Sunday, April 1, 2012

Motivation, the balance between needs and values.

    How is it that yesterday I was on top of the world, and today I am dull, and uninterested. I’d like to blame it on hormones, or the foggy weather, but that would be too easy.
    As a coach I know that my motivation comes from living a life immersed in my personal values. I know that when I tap into Inspiring, Discovering, Fun, and Adventure, (my top four values), my life is simple and rich. Then what is limiting my access?
Perhaps an unfulfilled need is overshadowing my values and limiting my vitality. When a need is not completely met, and I have no “needs satisfaction system” in place, to keep that need in check, then I drift along in a leaky emotional boat. My sail may be strong, but the cracks in my hull do not make for a smooth voyage.
    Is it possibly to patch this waning spirit? Absolutely! Needs can be identified, and satisfied permanently, with work. Here are some steps to being need-less,

Accept that I have an unfulfilled need and that this is good, it makes me “cowgirl up” to my   responsibility to myself.

Identify this influential need. 

Understand that this need has existed for a good reason; it has served me, and brought me to where I am today

. Satisfy the need fully. 

Set up an automatic satisfaction system for this need.

Ex. I use to have a driving need for freedom. When I moved from the corporate world, to being a solo-preneur, my environment became less restrictive. I have fully satisfied this need.
Needs are normal, unique, and a part of us. A need does not have to be a secret hidden deep within us. It is our responsibility, as mature adults, to satisfy our own hunger, and we can ask for help.