Monday, January 30, 2017

Check Your Stinking Thinking.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Balance in the New Year

Achieving Life Balance for Wellness
    A life in balance encompasses all dimensions of wellness. When one area is out of balance it effects overall well- being, just like a flat tire makes steering straight and towards a destination difficult and hazardous. While physical health, exercise, and nutrition are the foundations of our energy we are a multi-dimension integration of our physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, occupational, social, and environmental states of being. Consequently, when we are out of alignment in one area of our lives we are not in systemic homeostasis, or not running at full optimal capacity.
    Regard this wheel as a microcosmic representation of your whole self.  Well synchronized component parts increase our capacity for wellness.

   The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

Physical:  your body’s inside -out performance, your nutrition, your sleep, your healthy habits and your energy capacity.
Emotional: is attention to having the energy to recognize and manage feelings, thought patterns and behaviors, and making them work in our best interest.
Spiritual: is about the energy associated with discovering and understanding our individual guiding principles, values and beliefs that give meaning to our existence.
Intellectual: optimizing our energy for continued learning, creativity and an ability to think critically to solve problems.
Occupational: refers to the level of satisfaction we have in our work and knowing that it has meaning.
Social: considers how well we play and communicate with others, our family, friends, colleagues, and our larger community.
Environmental: how well we harmonize with the Earth and a recognition of our personal impact.

Try this simple self evaluation to help determine which dimensions
of the wheel will get your attention first. 

Rate your wellness in each area of the wheel. Rank from 1-10 ; 10 means you are fulfilled and complete in this area of your life and a 1 means you see no fulfillment.

Select a dimension you have rated as important; a rating of five or larger and address it in the following learning activities.

Learning  Activity
Take one of the statements you checked in the physical dimension of who you are and complete the “who I am” box using self reflection, then complete the “who I aim to be” box after considering  the following  points.
·Explore your sub-conscious, see how your perceptions or your interpretation of a situation affects the way you act in the world, and therefore your outcomes.
·Figure out a better way to cope with the situation next time.
Consequences box
The “consequences”  box will be completed once you have changed your view point of the situation and practiced your new coping techniques regarding the situation. 

For example, here I have used my Physical: dimension and filled in below the Who I was and 
Who I aim to be. I can substitute any other dimension. 

Situation: My Posture
Who I am
Who I aim to be
When I look in the mirror I see my shoulders are rounded forward.

Have great posture
My coping  technique                         
Who I was
Who I am today
I  avoid mirrors.
The minute I sit at my desk, or text, or walk I will squeeze my shoulder blades together 15 times.
Who I was
Who I am today
Unwilling to explore options.
More confident and aware of body alignment and how body posture affects my attitude. My upper back feels stronger.

Cheers and have a Prosperous NewYear.