Friday, March 4, 2016

Healthy Weight

Healthy Weight Tips
1. Put your goals where you can see them. Start by jotting down your goals, 1/2 to 2 pounds a week is a healthy rate.
2. Exercise daily, for the health of it, but also because it makes weight loss or maintenance easier.
3. Choose non-fat and low fat dairy products.
4. Send trigger foods to the dog house. Empty out all unhealthy foods from your pantry and drop it off at a homeless shelter.
5. Restock the right way. Purchase healthy versions of the foods you enjoy.
6. Eat breakfast, it kicks your metabolism into drive.
7. Weekly weigh-ins are best. Everyday weight fluctuations are normal and can be de-motivating.
8. Sip slim drinks.
9. Pair fruit with protein for a feel of satiation. Follow RDA guidelines of 2 to 3 servings per day.
10. When out dining focus on vegetables and broiled or grilled fish, chicken breast, or lean beef, with little or no sauces.
11. When out dining with friends who eat poorly, consciously ask yourself, “Is this going to serve me WELL? Will I feel good about my choice later, or tomorrow?
12. Moderation, not deprivation. Split the main course and eat half.
13. At weekly weigh-ins reward yourself for success, non-food related.
14. Make snacks nutritious and satisfying. Ex. 10 almonds and an apple.
15. Have a plan for dinner and lunch. Be prepared and aware.
16. Eat plenty of fiber foods and drink lots of water. Ex. Whole grains, lentils, vegetables and fruit.
17. Accept that there is no quick fix or easy weight loss. It takes commitment and persistance.
18. Weekends are as challenging as weekdays take them seriously.
19. Eat in front of a mirror not the TV. In other words, stay conscious of what
you’re doing.
20. Get adequate sleep. When you do not sleep your body craves more calories.
21. Veg Out. Think in terms of eating more vegetables daily.
22. Take a multiple one-a-day vitamin. Ex. Centrum
23. Shop at Farmer’s Markets. This keeps you out of the supermarket where there are many empty calorie temptations and it gives you an appreciation for the quality of fresh natural foods.
24. Eat consciously. Eat at a table, with a plate, and silverware. Make it count as an event. Be mindful.
25. Close the Kitchen. Block the kitchen off from your mind, and body, three hours before bedtime.
26. Limit alcohol. Yes this is about calories, but also about uninhibited eating.
27. Cut back on salted foods. They make you feel bloated by causing water retention and then de-motivate you.
28. Many people find satisfaction out of eating 4 to 5 smaller meals throughout the day. Giving your body food burns calories. Eat every three to five hours as needed.
29. Stay away from refined sugar. It just makes you want more of it and has little nutritional value. 
30. Stay away from white pasta. Because it has been stripped of almost all nutritional value, it does not satiate and takes a lot to fill you up. Try a one-half-cup serving of whole-wheat pasta.