Sunday, January 1, 2012

A promise of a strong and healing year.

My day starts with Harlan Coben's Miracle Cure. I devour his books. Then, I stretch, check the surf, suit up and paddle out. It is a beautiful 70 degrees with the water a comfortable 57. I wear gloves and booties. The ocean is a restorative place, it washes away city life and plunges me into the nature of being. How can a year go wrong with such a glorious start?
Think I'll read a bit more, and then head to Barnes and Nobles for another cappuccino. I so miss Borders.
What will you do with this fresh year? What glorious, marvelous feat will you accomplish? What activities, visions, or day dreams will you move on? What have you always known you would do someday? I will complete my Masters, take my career to the next level, kiss a prince, surf my turf, make new friends, be more forgiving, and stay spunky.
Tell me about you? I so enjoy your inspirations.
Peace and love

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