Monday, September 21, 2009

Scarcity = beliefs that drain you, Prosperity = beliefs that energize you

If I am in a protective mode I can not expand and be my higher self, that higher self that is connected to all the goodness in the world. I may call this goodness God, the Source, the soul, spirit etc. When I connect to the good in myself first and come from this place of joy I observe the world around me as infinitely beautiful. Bruce Lipton Ph.D, in his book the "Biology of Belief" states that we can have influence over our cells by the way we think. When I am joyful I feel a full and expansive heart beating within. This is a healing place for my body, mind, and spirit.                                                               This week I am practicing seeing myself in others. When someone cuts me off in the car I say to myself "I am You". When someone disses me, I say to myself "I am You". When someone whines I say to myself "I am You". At my core I too have all the spectrum of protective tendencies. This exercises trains me to be more humble.

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